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SEO Lingo Every Small Business Owner Should Know

  • September 13, 2016
  • SEO

These days, many business owners are delving into the world of internet marketing. If this is the case for you, you’ve likely come across the term search engine optimization (SEO) at some point. If you are not familiar with how SEO works, now is the time to learn. Below you will find some of the most frequently used SEO-related words. Familiarizing yourself with this SEO lingo will empower you to more effectively launch and maintain a high quality digital advertising campaign:

White Hat SEO

As noted in Search Engine Journal, white hat techniques are tactics for boosting search engine rankings that are wholesome tactics approved by the search engines. White hat SEO techniques focus on appealing to human audiences rather than simply appealing to search engines. They also operate in compliance with all of the established rules and regulations for search engine optimization. Some examples of white hat SEO techniques include link building, quality content, optimized titles and meta tags, and keyword analysis. Typically, white hat SEO is used most frequently by individuals who are making a long-term investment in their online presence. Another term for white hat SEO is ethical SEO.

White hat SEO strategies align with search engine guidelines, setting companies up for long-term digital marketing success.

White hat SEO strategies align with search engine guidelines, setting companies up for long-term digital marketing success.

Black Hat SEO

Black hat SEO is a questionable mode of search engine optimization that involves appealing to search engines algorithms rather than human audiences. Some examples of black hat SEO include keyword stuffing, doorway pages, adding unrelated keywords to content, invisible text, and page swapping. Typically, black hat SEO is used by individuals who are attempting to attain a quick financial return through a website who. As noted in Webopedia, the use of black hat SEO strategies often results in a website being banned from the search engines.

Search Engine Results Pages (SERP)

A search engine results page (SERP) is the list of 7-10 websites that appear after a user performs a search in a search engine such as Google, Bing, or Yahoo. The majority of search engine users don’t look past page one of the SERP results, which means that ranking in one of the top spots is important to most business owners. A well-executed SEO campaign will optimize a client’s SERP rankings, ensuring that the client’s site populates in search results for a broad number of keywords related to the business product or industry.


Keywords are the specific words that individuals use when they performing an internet search. By knowing which words are most frequently used to search for a specific product or service, webmasters can optimize a client’s site for ranking in the SERPs. Tools like Google AdWords can be useful for estimating the volume and seasonality of keywords. For example, if the owner of a new dry-cleaning business in Austin wanted to figure out how his intended audience was searching for a dry-cleaner, he could go into Google AdWords, navigate to the keyword planner and pull a report of terms related to “dry cleaners Austin”. This would help him or his SEO consultant determine the most important keywords for him to target with a digital marketing campaign.

Quality content is a key and winning strategy for a successful SEO campaign.

Quality content is a key and winning strategy for a successful SEO campaign.

Link Building

Link building is the process of building backlinks that point to a client’s site. The link building process is critical to a successful ad campaign, because the quantity and quality of these backlinks plays an integral role in determining the reputation of the website brand as well as its ranking in the SERPs. Backlinks are built using a variety of tactics including guest posting, citations, social account building, and more.


As many internet marketing experts know, developing a top notch SEO campaign is oftentimes the key to maximizing online profits. You can use the information found above to familiarize yourself with key terms in the search engine optimization process.


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